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    Field Hockey Chamois Grips!

    Are you ready to take your field hockey game up a notch? If so, then it's time to upgrade your grip.

    Introducing the field hockey chamois grip – a game-changer for players at all levels. This grip is made from chamois, a type of soft, absorbent leather that is known for its durability and ability to provide a comfortable, secure grip.

    With a chamois grip, you'll be able to hold onto your stick with confidence, allowing for better control and precision on the field. The absorbent material will also wick away sweat and moisture, so your hand stays dry and comfortable throughout the game.

    But the benefits of a chamois grip don't stop there. In addition to its functionality, this grip also adds a touch of elegance to your stick. The leather material can be dyed in a variety of colours, so you can match your team's colours or choose a hue that suits your personal style.

    But don't just take our word for it – many top field hockey players swear by the chamois grip. From amateur players just starting out, to professional athletes competing at the highest level, this grip is a favourite among field hockey enthusiasts. So why not give them a try?

    Upgrade your grip with a field hockey chamois and experience the difference for yourself. With its superior performance and stylish look, a chamois grip is a must-have for any field hockey player looking to up their game.

    Player Testimonials

    Bought another one of these after around a years use. Got gold one and came the next day! So easy to apply and super affordable too. Highly recommend this and will continue to use.

    Best grip I’ve had super easy to apply (I usually mess up applying grips) feels really nice love playing with it

    The easiest Chamois grip I’ve ever applied! Super easy to put on! Definitely will be getting more colours for my other sticks. Really comfy and absorbent too!