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Based on 220 reviews
Performance T-shirt

Love the quality of this T-shirt, really comfortable fabric, a great training top.

Rival Men's Performance T-Shirt
Albert Robinson (Islington, GB)

Great peace of kit, especially when it’s hot.

Rival Unisex Breathable Training Hoodie
Albert Robinson (Islington, GB)

Really warm and great for training on cold days. Would recommend.

Rival Scoop X 95% Carbon Fibre Hockey Stick
Albert Robinson (Islington, GB)
Best stick I have ever owned

This stick has the perfect balance of power and control,I love it. I would highly recommend this to any player looking to really upgrade their game.

Scoop X First Game

After a few training nights first competitive match with Scoop went well. Great feel and strong hitting. Still getting used to the bow, previous sticks have all been mid bow. Easy to get aerials working and nicely balanced. My only stop on 5 stars would be the grip, that’s very comfortable to me, came away at the bottom and needed to be taped up!

Rival Unisex Breathable Training Hoodie

Very comfortable and cozy to wear anytime especially playing. The hoodie is breathable and doesnt get too warm. Just love it it's a part of my gear. Thanks Rival!

Rival Scoop X 95% Carbon Fibre Hockey Stick
Matthew Dench (Nottingham, GB)
The Scoop X stick is excellent!

Absolutely love my new Scoop X stick. I've used a large number of sticks over the years but I'm finding this one to be the best all round stick that I've used so far, particularly for lifting (aerials/3d skills I don't really drag flick but might start trying with this stick), slapping and controlling the ball. I like a light stick and although this is not the very lightest stick I've had, it's still definitely light enough for quick skills and I like the power I'm getting with this stick from hits. It normally takes me a while to start hitting well with a new stick but I'm generating good power with this one straight away. I think the chamois grip helps in this respect. The grips are also great value for the quality and price. I would definitely recommend this as a great all round hockey stick

Great quality & great price

Bag is perfect and stick is such great quality. Will definitely be back for more!

Striker pro stick

Fantastic stick. Would highly recommend it. So light and fantastic power behind the shots

Rival Men's Performance T-Shirt
Alejandro Tarajano Melián

Rival Men's Performance T-Shirt

Rival Unisex Breathable Training Hoodie
Darren Richards (Abergavenny, GB)
Great training hoodie

I like the hoodie. Ideal for me to wear to training and matches to keep me warm.

Rival Striker Pro 95% Carbon Fibre Hockey Stick
Thomas van der Heiden (Christchurch, NZ)
Rival hockey stick

This is the best stick I have ever had I when I played with it, it was so clean and smooth to use and I have recommended Rival hockey sticks to all my team members.

Rival Striker Stick

I purlchased my field hockey stick it came fairly quickly. I just loved my stick it also boosted my confidence and morale. Its totally awesome. Thanks Rival.

Rival Ultimate Easy-Apply Chamois Grip
Nicole Mcgarrity (Birmingham, GB)
Very quick delivery

Son loves his new grip. Arrived a day early which was also a bonus. Great service. Well done

Rival Ultra Shin Pads
Ben Stevens (Telford, GB)
Top quality!

These are the comfiest shin pads i've used. Top quality gear as always 👍

Rival Ultra Glove
Charlotte Barr (Cranleigh, GB)
Rival hockey glove

The ordering process was so easy and it arrived so quickly. I love the design of the glove and it is so comfortable.

Rival Jumbo Stick Bag
zack Glasgow (Bristol, GB)
Awesome product!

Love the bag - loads of space and looks good too.

Lightweight but feels as strong as an OX, lovely balance from dribbling, pushing and flickin and when you give it some it just goes. Can't wait to try it out in a game

Rival Jumbo Stick Bag
Darren Richards (Nottingham, GB)
Great bag and second stick

I have already got a scoop and as I love it so much I got another one in the sale. The bag is excellent as well plenty of pockets and I love it. Great bag

Rival Jumbo Stick Bag
Reuben Wielenga (Portishead, GB)
Best bag I’ve had!!

I upgraded from a small grays stick bag that couldn’t really hold much, to rivals jumbo stick bag.
There is enough space for me to fit everything I need into it and a bit more. It’s comfortable to walk with as well which is more than I could say about my old one.
Absolutely amazing!!!

Excellent stick

Bought for another player on my team, he used it in training straight out the box! Loved it immediately, was able to use it as if he’d played with it for years. He got great lift on the ball, also accuracy as well. He said it felt great in the hand, sturdy and the power he can get from the stick he said was exceptional!

Rival Scoop X 95% Carbon Fibre Hockey Stick
Andrew Tolhurst (Sunderland, GB)
What a Stick!

Far and above the best stick I have ever used. Much more responsive than the traditional brands and nice and light on a sprint

Best stick I've played with

Great stick, comfortable to play with, sits in your hands nicely and strikes ball v well

Fantastic customer service Highly recommended Rival

Game changer!

Had been using a big brand top of the range stick that was 4 yrs old(bought 3 the same and killed the last one last season)
Technology has clearly moved on!
Easy for control yet hugely powerful!
Very pleased!

Get this stick!

This stick is fantastic. It has a great feel for all types of pass but there’s definitely more power when hitting with this stick compared to my previous stick. It also makes it much easier to aerial due to the nature of the head of the stick - I need to work on getting it further but going from inconsistent aerials to consistent every time is definitely down to this stick! The stick feels strong in tackles and I’m yet to get the shock up the stick that I’ve had in previous from stopping hard hits. A few people had a go and couldn’t believe the quality! I’d definitely recommend!

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